There is an advert in the window and on the notice board of Celbridge library advertising a knitting/crochet/embroidery etc group on Friday 23rd April between 10.30-12.30. Im sure a couple of the Celbridge knitters will turn up!


I’ve got a great diversion these days from knitting, my daughter Aoibhínn was born November 17th 2009

Here she is, wearing a cardigan her nana made for her, that she’s rapidly growing out of!

One of the things I wanted to post here was this article, featuring Rosemary, of  The Constant Knitter. It’s a great shout out for women entrepaneurs and a great place to buy garnstudio yarn!

Hello, are you out there?? Its been so long since I blogged that I almost forgot the password to log in here!
The group is still meeting the first and third Tuesday of the month, and surprise surprise, we are STILL talking about moving it to a weekly meet to avoid confusion with the 5 week months…watch this space, maybe this time next year 😉
So, whats new? I got married last May and am now expecting our first baby, due in November. Aine is getting married next month, and we have had a few new people come and knit with us. Ive been lax in going to the group over the summer but hope that will change come Christmas time.
Next time, there may even be photos!! The excitement, eh?

Finished at last – here’s a sneaky peek at my latest finished object:

Here is our lovely little man – arrived with us last Saturday evening. All are doing well, if a bit tired and somewhat shellshocked!! Ok, so he’s not wearing any handknits in this shot – actually he’s not wearing any clothes at all!

Amazing how time flies!

The group are still meeting up over the summer months, the first and third tuesday of the month at 7pm upstairs in the Mucky Duck so if anyone wants to join us please feel free!

We are toying with the idea of moving this bi-monthly meeting to a weekly meeting….haven’t really decided as yet….watch this space!

A couple of major things have happened since the last post, we lost Schweta to Northern Ireland- she moved there with her family a couple of months ago, and we lost Elaina (sob!) to America. She has moved home with her husband and beautiful daughter as her husbands job was relocated.  We miss you Elaina! Send me your blog address, you still havent done that!!

Oh, and I got married, almost forgot that bit 🙂

So I’ve certainly been busy, but havent neglected the knitting either, there’s lots to be said being a knitter in the time of chaos.

Here’s my honeymoon wrap:


I got a text from Marina (blogless) from my local knitting group last night asking me if I’d seen the Farmers Journal?

No, I don’t usually read it, but I suppose I should have been keeping an eye out for it as I’d been interviewed way before Christmas about our local knitting group, the Witty Knitters, that I had set up 2 years ago.

The photographer had taken a million photos so I’m quite pleased with the one they chose, I don’t look too neurotic in it 😉

The interview was supposed to have been published around Christmas time but there you go, its out there now and hopefully us knitters will get a bit of recognition from it.

Here’s the interview, though I can’t quite remember saying some things, like whatever!!


and they also published some of the local places to buy yarn, though unfortunately they left out Craftspun, the Yahoo group and also my blog, but they did include the blog for the group so thats pretty good!


All in all, I’m pretty chuffed!!    

I’ll have to widen the door….. 😀


Well Elaina put us all to shame the last meet up we had before Christmas, and she brought along her Christmas stocking to show us, complete with candy cane and silver shiny present. How cute is that!


Shweta brought along her purse, not a bad finished object for a newbie knitter!

And I brought along some tree’s that I made last year as I didn’t get a chance to respond to my own challenge ….oops!


So from all us Witty Knitters of Celbridge and beyond, we wish you all a very Happy Christmas!

As I commented in the Christmas Challenge, I have an ornament completed.  It is basically made from a baby’s sock, stuffed and embellished to become a stocking.  I honestly can’t remember if I followed an exact pattern (as it was knit several months ago).  I was experimenting and made it in a 4 ply cotton.  As you can guess, the second sock was never completed, hence the holiday transformation!  The candy cane is a pipe cleaner wrapped with red cotton and the small pressie is a chicken stock cube.

When I have actually designed an ornament, I’ll post that pic up as well.  Maybe something felted.  Guess I was just a bit over excited at the idea of being the first to complete the challenge!  Ho Ho Ho


So, I was at the witty knitters group tonight, and I brought up an idea I had been thinking about.

Here we all are, coming up to Christmas, and we’re all knitters….(correct me if I’m wrong)……why don’t we challenge ourselves a little bit?

Why don’t we each come up with a design, and then follow it through, for a knitted ornament for the Christmas tree?

I brought it up, I got a few “oh no”s but I think it may be a winner (wink wink)

Unfortunately, I wanted to have it done by next meet-up (4th Dec) but as Elaina pointed out, maybe by Christmas itself it may be doable.  Its a hectic life!!

If you want to join in, please do!!


As my first post, I must say what a wonderful job Sara is doing with the blog.  With no help from me, I might add!

I’m Elaina, an American living in the lovely country of Ireland.  Though I recently moved house, I solemnly swear to attend as many Celbridge Witty Knitter gatherings as I can manage.  Cross my heart and blah, blah, blah!

With the cooler weather I am once again inspired to knit and knit and knit some more.  I’m working on felted slippers for my daughter and hope to finish a sweater or two in the coming months.  I haven’t put a dent in my stash lately.  Shame on me.

So, Happy Knitting and enjoy the cool weather from under a handmade blanket.  I know I will.