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Summer (ha!) is gone, and the evenings are already closing in slightly, so I thought it may be a good idea to throw out a few dates to decide when to start back up the group in September. 

The Witty Knitters meet on the first and third Tuesday of the month in the Mucky Duck in Celbridge, at 7pm.

Do people want to start back on the first Tuesday of September?

You know, I actually had a lot more posted here, including a couple of photos and a link to 2 other blogs, and when I published the post, all that published was the above text??? Has this happened to anyone before, and if so, can you advise what on earth happened??

I was saying, about starting back first of all. Do people want to start back on the 4th or the 18th of September, allowing for the fact I’m assuming the first week of September is the first week of school for some people?

Im going to put up those links again also.

Go over and have a look at the Dublin Knit Collective, you can see some of the things people are working on from some of the Dublin groups, plus there is a felted bag show and tell comp.

Here is a nice quick, easy and satisfying project for you also, its on saartje’s blog and is a pdf on the right hand side of her blog.

Here’s a picture of one I did earlier…



and I’m a yarn addict …It took me a while to decide: yarn addict or knitaholic. I decided that I can’t really be a knitaholic because I don’t finish enough things (and my DH doesn’t let me forget that either!) I got seriously hooked again almost this time last year when I came accross Poppy for the first time. Shortly afterwards I found out about the Witty Knitters and serendpitously I had just decided that I needed a hobby, a reason to get out of the house on a regular basis! Poppy came with me to my first meeting and it still isn’t finished.

So is the summer nearly over yet (HAH – did it ever start…?) Are we on for reconvening…?

Oh – and I have finished some stuff in the past year: among them a very cute pair of flip flop sock-ettes & a summer top for my DD (for next year – fingers crossed!) So there!