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As I commented in the Christmas Challenge, I have an ornament completed.  It is basically made from a baby’s sock, stuffed and embellished to become a stocking.  I honestly can’t remember if I followed an exact pattern (as it was knit several months ago).  I was experimenting and made it in a 4 ply cotton.  As you can guess, the second sock was never completed, hence the holiday transformation!  The candy cane is a pipe cleaner wrapped with red cotton and the small pressie is a chicken stock cube.

When I have actually designed an ornament, I’ll post that pic up as well.  Maybe something felted.  Guess I was just a bit over excited at the idea of being the first to complete the challenge!  Ho Ho Ho



So, I was at the witty knitters group tonight, and I brought up an idea I had been thinking about.

Here we all are, coming up to Christmas, and we’re all knitters….(correct me if I’m wrong)……why don’t we challenge ourselves a little bit?

Why don’t we each come up with a design, and then follow it through, for a knitted ornament for the Christmas tree?

I brought it up, I got a few “oh no”s but I think it may be a winner (wink wink)

Unfortunately, I wanted to have it done by next meet-up (4th Dec) but as Elaina pointed out, maybe by Christmas itself it may be doable.  Its a hectic life!!

If you want to join in, please do!!