I got a text from Marina (blogless) from my local knitting group last night asking me if I’d seen the Farmers Journal?

No, I don’t usually read it, but I suppose I should have been keeping an eye out for it as I’d been interviewed way before Christmas about our local knitting group, the Witty Knitters, that I had set up 2 years ago.

The photographer had taken a million photos so I’m quite pleased with the one they chose, I don’t look too neurotic in it 😉

The interview was supposed to have been published around Christmas time but there you go, its out there now and hopefully us knitters will get a bit of recognition from it.

Here’s the interview, though I can’t quite remember saying some things, like whatever!!


and they also published some of the local places to buy yarn, though unfortunately they left out Craftspun, the Yahoo group and also my blog, but they did include the blog for the group so thats pretty good!


All in all, I’m pretty chuffed!!    

I’ll have to widen the door….. 😀