Amazing how time flies!

The group are still meeting up over the summer months, the first and third tuesday of the month at 7pm upstairs in the Mucky Duck so if anyone wants to join us please feel free!

We are toying with the idea of moving this bi-monthly meeting to a weekly meeting….haven’t really decided as yet….watch this space!

A couple of major things have happened since the last post, we lost Schweta to Northern Ireland- she moved there with her family a couple of months ago, and we lost Elaina (sob!) to America. She has moved home with her husband and beautiful daughter as her husbands job was relocated.  We miss you Elaina! Send me your blog address, you still havent done that!!

Oh, and I got married, almost forgot that bit 🙂

So I’ve certainly been busy, but havent neglected the knitting either, there’s lots to be said being a knitter in the time of chaos.

Here’s my honeymoon wrap: